Thursday, 21 January 2016

Out of the sky blue pink!

All nice and relaxed, especially since Owner has taken to sitting down to eat breakfast instead of standing up.  In cat terms, that is equal to me running round my trough and snatching biscuits out of it as I go.  This would be bad for my digestion and just because Bertie rushes out of the Narnia, chomps his breakfast down in fkgtgskd of a second, DOESN'T mean his digestion suffers.  No. x

Ruggles popped out this morning for a reccy or a saunter or whatever he does out back. WHERE IS HE? goes Owner after he has been gone all of 5 minutes.  When he does appear, after a respectable 20 mins, he is greeted like a long lost thingymigig. Owner says it is the Prodigal son, but I prefer my word and End of.X

Next thing folks, does the phone go bbbbrrrNNNGGGGG! and suddenly Owner is in demand.  Luckily, to a school she actually likes and folks we know how skinny that list is! When she fell back in aons of time later (like it) I quickly said how lovely her hair looked and had she enjoyed her day with the childer??
YES I DID Wonka, she says back and folks you could hear my miaow of relief possibly in americy!!!!
and if that isn't how you spell miaouw I am not caring. Owner says they did punctuation for Year 11 at the end of the day when (and I quote): 'Quite Frankly Wonka, no one knew a semi colon from a colon from an apostrophe. spelling could be a tissue I mean issue too..............X
Last night we cuddled up to Corrie (Carling brown eyebrows is breathing on a thingy in hospital and Tracee has NOT owned up as yet to being a witness.X) and then the NTAs.  the same old people won everything BUT billy Connolly who has hitherto (LOVE IT) won De Rien, trotted up and picked up a nice lifetime wotsit award. For some reason Owner found this 'POIGNANT Wonka'  is that a word I says and it is now.X
We are safe tonight as Dickensian is finally on even if it is after Enders.  Will any of those innocent bystanders get Staycee a Doctor? Now do enjoy your evenings folks and try and find a nice programme to hug as it is international hugging day!!!  I will give Bertie an extra check and pretend it is a hug and as for Ruggles - he had his ration this morning and end of. Fact up. Hugged out and so on.  Be furry and be good.  Big Love Wonka X