Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Ronnie is back!

Who is Ronnie.
Surely folks all over the world know who Ronnie is says Owner full of love and adoration and hero worship.

Yes there it is the Crucible in Sheffield where Owner went on her dream ticket in 2014 to watch Ronnie O Sullivan win.  He did win but NOT while Owner was watching in the semi final.
HOW SO? you all gasp up......Ronnie is famed for finishing off at top speed and he finished the semi final early, Before the session that Owner was booked for.  her disappointment folks is legend and she has only just stopped going on about it. End of and Fact.X
He is playing in the Masters it is on good BBC 2 in the afternoon and we were glued to it.  Once he woke up out of his trance that he goes into he played like magic.  We love him.  Ronnie to win it!! X
In other less exciting news Owner is busy all day earning a crust at Mencap.  When she returns I have to be shoved yes shoved upstairs out of the way Wonka!! The boilerman cometh. What of Rug you all shriek to me.  He will be carted upstairs too, and popped in a separate chamber!! Bertie may remain below as he knows no different droned Owner.  it is a military operation. Fact.x
Halloa Folks!!! yes it is me, saved from being flung in a room out of said boilerman's way.  Not to mention Rug who for some reason gave Owner a tiny scratch on the way up to his imprisonment. I STILL LOVE YOU RUG! warbled Owner.  I mean.  did Owner have a decent day of it you all query turns out that she went all the way to York Railway Museum folks and took a few snaps. more on that folks tomro.x
It is Dickensian night! and no Staycee on the roof.  Yes and all think nothing of her going up there with the babe and standing around in the cold night air.  NO ONE is taking it seriously says Owner to me.  I know.  Now have a pleasant eve folks and relax,  for we are nearly half way through January and it is all to play for! Big Love Wonka X (ps Bertie had to go in his igloo in the Narnia cupboard as unexpectedly the boilerman went in there!! to inspect the gas meter!! SO BRAVE warbled Owner. she stood in my biscuit trough which knocked into the water bowl and I, yes I, had to stand and eat on a big damp patch. end of and fact. X)