Friday, 15 January 2016

Ronnie's Game

ARE YOU STILL ON ABOUT Ronnie O Sullivan the greatest snooker player this side of Mars? you all shout up in wonderment.

YES!!! Yesterdee, it went grey, freezing and threatened some horrid weather out front AND out back.  Ruggles settled up, Bertie hunkered down in the Narnia and I, yes I, kept a watchful eye.....

I CANNOT GO OUT IN THAT! announced Owner when first off does it send down a good drench of freezing and heavy rain.

There she is !! and that decision folks was an easy one UNTIL, she realised she HAD to go out for a few essential supplies...... I MUST GET BACK FOR THE SNOOKER she fretted up.x
When she fell back in after circling the motorway aka street for a parking space - there are MORE roadwerks around which has forced everyknown car in the town to use our street as a cut through.  End of and Goodnight Vienna. (sorry Vienna it is not your fault.xx) - she was a bit wet and cold BUT still on a good mood setting of 9.x
It was Ronnie v Mr Mark Selby who can play for toffee except when Ronnie's toffee is sweeter and stickier and bestest. Steve Davis who is never boring now he does not play snooker, and thingy were commentating and SAID it was the most brilliant frame of snooker they had seen:  I AGREE says Owner, when Ronnie wafts up to the table and wins the frame even though Mr Selby had scored 70.  End of us droning on constantly about snooker and Ronnie. X (until the semis.x)
In other less exciting news, there is hardly anything to report.  No one famous that we have never heard of has died today, yet, and Owner is still firmly on the scrap heap. She is only depressed and worried about this in the middle of the night and otherwise we can look forward to a calm and happy Owner.x
Do have a wonderful dry and warm Fridee folks out there especially if you live in a cold and freezing country.  in which case I can strongly recommend an Amazen box OR a snug igloo like Berties OR a heated pad like Rugglesis.  Whiskers a tingling!!
Big Love Wonka X