Sunday, 24 January 2016

See What Happens Sundee

Just because Owner was up at the crack of Dawn or Pre-Dawn as some are calling it - me, I call it the middle of the night and end of - well it was the usual cloudy and dark ridden sky with no let up for the planet line up OR the full moon (it is in Leo folks. yes.x)

I MAY AS WELL STAY UP she goes to me as I lay there on the luxury carpet waiting for a middle of the night cuddle.  but no folks, she just steps over me and spies a clock saying it is but 6 am.x

This is the kind of view we would have liked folks.  clear night sky, full view of all those planets especially little old Mercury topped off by a big bright full moon BUT NO. Instead it is the same old persistent rain.  And yes, Ruggles did demand to go out in it.x

Has the day improved any you all gasp up full of anxiety? Not until Owner stopped looked at old photos of Baba. WHY I goes to her, are you looking at him.  You will recall he was my old mucker, after Golly who was my best friend in all the world and back again.No one, including me, expected Baba (who was made famous in our stories and has a starring part in Wonka's Christmas Story...x) to trot off to the sanctuary in the sky, so soon. the fact that St Francis heads this sanctuary up did not help much at the time. OH BABA, goes Owner, I DO MISS YOU. I tell you folks, I have had my work cut out this morning!  I've had to lay around looking gorgeous and cuddlesome, I've had to creep past the Narnia cupboard without looking in AND not catch Owner with a waiting claw.  But you know me, I have managed it, and regained my rightful place  as TOP CAT! x

Last night we had to get through The Voice which was more like a let's see who can make fun of Ricky the most. you know how Owner likes an underdog and even I lost patience with Willyam who would go on and on and on and on.My little Paloma is oblivious (good use of work.  big tick.x) to anything except herself and her big green shoes, and boy George is canny says Owner. OH says I. In other words folks, we do not like the new judges set up.  end of and fact up. Tonight we have the dearest drama of calling the midwives with no pesky judges in sight. We love Jenny Agutter and she cannot put a foot wrong.X

If you were all up at the pre dawn stage of the day like us folks then I say to you: rest up as much as you can, keep topping up with biscuits and no looking at things which need a hanky to go with it.
Big Love Wonka X