Saturday, 2 January 2016

Shepherds Pie Satdee

By the time Owner realised it was actually the morning and not the middle of the night, and the good alarm was not lying through it's snooze - I was nigh on starving. HURRY UP Owner I shouted through the good kitchen door guarding us against the angel cat that is Ruggles. 

Owner says that when she is shuttered and barred in the good kitchen and especially if she has a combination of the rocket (kettle) washer( we have never liked it) and that annoying fan in the bathroom going, she is incapable of hearing anything. Bar the news.  that cuts through any amount of noise, especially bad news which is piercing. End of and FACT. x

Speaking of Rugglestop, you will all want to know if he has recovered from his scrap on New Year's Eve? you do not want to see the other cat, Blackster, says Owner.  We think he came off worst.  Apart from the usual odd skin conditions, ear wotsits, lumpy fur and so on, Ruggles seems fine reports Owner. x

Owner has been saving herself for a cooking fest. 
WAS IT WORTH IT Owner I questions up when she appears exhausted, and hours later from the good kitchen.
The proof Wonka, she tells me up, in between crying (onions.x) and washing up. WILL BE IN THE SHEPHERDS PIE.
The kitchen smells and Owner reports using a lot of utensils and pots and such like.  We think it is a one off whatever it tastes like and the quorn had better be tasty.x (no animals have been harmed etc.x)

In other more exciting news we tried to watch Sherlock but failed. Owner cannot somehow come to terms with what the rest of the nation have, and that is falling for benedict cumbersome. IT SEEMS MORE LIKE DR WHO she droned to me.  Do you like Dr Who I says, taking a small interest it cuddling up to supper time.
NO she goes back.x

We are edging closer and closer to Mundee there I've said it.  Maybe, just maybe someone will recall Owner from the scrapheap and me from starvation.  I have tossed a coin in the wishing well accordingly.  Tonight we will wait for the comfort blanket of Casualtee and Connie and her new amour thingy.  We still don't like wotsit.  Now I haven't mentioned Bertie and I'm not going to, so all I can say is - have the kind of evening we shall have.  and do not on any account attempt to make a shepherds pie from scratch. (I know.x)  Big Love Wonka X