Sunday, 3 January 2016

Shepherds Pie Sundee!

Will it go on and on this pie then I says up to Owner, when she finally tucked in.
AT LEAST ANOTHER DAY OR SO Wonka, she said to me.  Because she is not used to piping hot mashed potato that would not have passed a test for lumpiness from Gregg OR Marcus Scaring - she may have burnt her mouth. OH DEAR I went full of sympathy in case I didn't get a morsel or two for supper. I must try hard not to say and what is for tea Owner.............x

Meanwhile, Bertie is still on his diet and I did say should he be drinking that amount of water and Owner said the usual which is 'I can't worry about that now Wonka.'  Ruggles has been prevented from more scrapping by the original idea of KEEPIN HIM IN after 8 pm at night.  yes. x

Here he is!! You thought we were making Bertie up (hard to make a cat like that up.x) but here is a brief glimpse of him returning to the Narnia cupboard straight from his water hole and trough of biscuits. has he lost any weight you all wonder up. NOT YET.x
Yesterdee passed in a sensible fashion and I have high hopes for today if only Owner will float off out of it.  She has mentioned swimming and I am all for it.x
Has she achieved any more resolutions you secondly all wonder up.  I have not noticed that we are rich beyond our means OR living in a ranch with an animal sanctuary attached, OR that Owner is trimmer and fitter... but I blame that on an everlasting supply of after 8s and the bag of toffee popcorn that she had to eat while we watched that nice film about dinosaurs.x
Do go on to have a lively Sundee and do stay out of the kitchen if at all possible.  it is time consuming and as Owner reports 'hard work for de rien.' be nice and be furry.  Big Love Wonka X