Monday, 18 January 2016

Sky Blue Pink Mundee!

WHAT IS THAT? sky blue pink is that a real colour you all want to know and where can you buy it.  A long long long long long long - long time ago, when Owner was but a jolly young thing- (It is alright she cannot hear me she is boiling the rocket.) - she used to wear nail varnish bearing this very name.  The obvious and pressing question is:

WHAT COLOUR IS Sky Blue Pink?? This is a good question albeit (get me) one I was expecting.  AND have no immediate answer at paw BUT this can be our adventurous quest for the week folks.  The other good thing is, all else are calling this BLUE Mundee when of course it isn't.  End of and Fact up. X

Reasons for it NOT being that kind of a day are:

There he is!! Ruggles has already entertained us first thing by suddenly leaping over the best cooker and sitting on the Radio!! 
IS IT A SIGN bleats Owner when she spies him crouching somehow atop our best radio.  YES I says, it is a sign that he saw the milk jug and took his chances....................X
The second thing that means it cannot be such a day is that Owner read and droned it to me THAT, thingy who played Grant Mitchell in Enders is to return.  Luckily he is not dead but that hasn't stopped them returning other folk.  End of. X
The third thing is this: Owner was looking forward to a new drama that says it is a comedy and it had better be, called....The Rack Pack.  it is about our other snooker hero Alex Higgins (in the room next door) and lots of the other ones, specifically (drum roll.) Steve Davis. She went to the beeb iplayer thingy last night and instead of it being there it said: episode available shortly.  ~a whole day later it is here!!!  and to round it off Ronnie easily won the Masters just like we knew he would. How much more sky blue pink can it get??x
YES, there is a dental check up but so far in I have managed to keep Owner from dwelling on it by trying to check on Bertie (stopped right away), trying to look at Ruggles (stopped at the last minute.x)  it is a dull dingy and drizzle day but are we sad and gloomy???NO we are not!!  Keep warm and snug and purry!! big Love Wonka X