Monday, 11 January 2016


Listen up folks, as we are very sad this morn.
WHY you all say from around the globe and wotnot.

Owner stopped in her tracks whilst mucking about in the kitchen and says OH NO.  Announced on the Radio at 7 20 am or thereabouts, the legend that will always be David Bowie has died.

He made millions of music, and Owner says if she has to pick one from all of them it will be Major Tom who for most of her life (I know and I haven't said it folks) she thought was Major Tong.

I CAN ADMIT IT NOW Wonka she tells me up, or should I say confessed up!!!  I won't tell a soul I says (only Bertie and Ruggles and anyone else I can get up close to..........x)

After this sad news Owner says we must carry on and cheer up. she thinks he will have joined the celestial band forming in the heavens and that is final.  End of.X

In other less exciting news I have sidled up to the play tunnel thingy wotsit and may consider playing with it. or hiding behind it or just looking at it.

There we are!!! I did this last night and Owner was very pleased that I had taken a tiny notice of my expensive Christmas gift.
WELL DONE WONKA! she says up.  I was rather proud myself folks, but didn't actually GO IN IT.  it makes a frightening rustley noise that is sposed to be appealing to cats. And I will let you know when it is. End of. Fact. X
Last night there was DE RIEN to watch as Owner has vetoed (OOOHH) war and peace and that other cold war thing on 4. What we really wanted was a nice soap or some reality tv NOT a stylish clever drama with lots of characters in it all acting their lives off. OR some spy drama with torture scenes lurking round every corner.  This is not, good for my sleep! says up Owner who slept as sound as a pound.  Now it is Mundee and we have to face the World again, we are trying very hard folks.  Very hard.
Owner must rush off and invigilate at the very school she said she would never return to. yes, and me? thanks for asking, I have the usual busy routine ahead of me and must preserve every ounce of enthusiasm............zzzzzzzzzzzz OH!  Make sure, wherever you must go to, you look a treat, and your fur is sleek and shiny.  have the kind of day you would like to have!!  Big Love Wonka X