Sunday, 10 January 2016


YES it had to happen and it has.  WHAT's that Wonka you all grumble it being only late morning (here it is.  Fact.)
The Sun has come out!!  it's stopped raining!!
And what else makes this a sunny day you all wonder up.

It is another day to cuddle up to the books we are reading (you should all be reading mine, whilst I, and Owner are otherwise engaged (OOOHH).  Owner is still ploughing through I mean reading, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell.  it is a story about English magic and will take her all of 2016 to get to the end.  that is because she reads it at breakfast time when us three have been fed and watered and had out facilities sorted.  End of. Fact.x

And in case you have all been in a dark locked room with no windows or phones or that here is our newest and fave story:

There we are!! it is all about Tinkers and the Boolleys who Owner loved and I didn't. so. X  (it is to be found on like all the others. and is free to read because it is.X)
Now in other exciting news, we watched The Voice and have been won over by that boy George.  We like him we do.  Not so sure about my little paloma - as Owner said, nicely I thought, she is a tad too honest Wonka.  I did say, what like you, you mean Owner, and recalling our best psychoanalyst (need to lie down now) Jung, who ventured that the very things we dislike in others are but a mirror of our own failings..............BUT it was alright she didn't hear me above shouting for them to TURN ROUND for Bernie Clifton.  he used to ride an ostrich (pretend.x) for our entertainment and can sing as well. 
DID THEY TURN ROUND? you all shout up.
NO.  but Owner is now following him.  Not in real life but in the network in the sky.  I took to him as well. X
What of Marvin or Marlin or that handsome presenter?  he is still there and we love him.x
Owner may or may not fling off to the baths and then I can stare at Bertie in peace and eat his biscuits.  I know he is on rations and it is not fair. all is fair in Love and War, or is it War and Peace? YES, it is on tonight and Owner says it is not the right thing for the nerve wracking time that is Sundee eve. if there is an alternative folks, we may be on it.  Not that stalag thingy on Channel 4, it is a cold war drama also and I quote 'unsuitable for a Sundee eve Wonka.'
Do have a sunny and snuggle and swimmy day of it. Be like me and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz your way! Big Love Wonka X