Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The Eagle has flown Tuesdee

It just seems like every day now another music man has left the stage that is in this room and gone off to the room next door.... said Owner this morning after hearing on the good Radio (Ruggles was not sitting on it this morn) that Glenn Frey who was in that wondrous band The Eagles (I specially like a band named after a bird) has flown off.

I KNOW I says back chock full of sympathy and such like. Yes it was touching distance to my breakfast BUT I meant it folks.  and, I suggested to Owner she play Desperado as that is our fave.  Next to Take it To the Limit, and taking it Easy, and Tequila sunrise and all the others. X

To cheer us up, all who are left in this room wondering what it is like in That room, Owner has trawled through our stash of cartoons for something heartwarming and birdlike.
There we are!!  That is me gazing adoringly at a lone blackbird!  I do like a blackbird, and it is Owner's fave bird.  If I had to pick a fave it would be a seagull as you know, but blackbirds would come a close second up.  End of. X
Is there any other news to report you all wake up from your doze, or daydream to ask me?  Owner is firmly on the scrap heap for the day with half a day's werk tomorrow folks.  I have prepared a massive TO DO list and anytime now she may gaze at it.  I did say to her, you cannot afford Owner, to rest on your laurels for long.....but she didn't hear me above listening to Desperado for the kghgslsfh nth time.X
Aside from the Eagles, Ruggles has caused Owner to rethink, yes rethink the kitchen side layout.  NO MORE is the milk jug to remain in temptations way!  it is to hide itself in a cupboard.NO MORE is there to be the obstacle of the tray, with mugs and such on it. THAT is to be propped up out of Rugglesis way.
I HAVE NEVER, drones Owner to me (shouting over the Eagles on the radio) had such a clean and tidy surface. I did say what with Ruggles standing all over it but again folks, I was saved by The Eagles singing away.......X
We had a double helping of Corrie last night folks, with good Carling brown eyebrows (to match her waning hair colour,X) being sort of mugged and sort of attacked and sort of losing her handbag and then blow us down, being thrown to the cobbles!  over in Enders, some people are beginning to realise that Stacee is one nerve short of a fuse. AT LAST shouts Owner at the telly, who is not far short of this herself....(only joking !! X)  tonight we must endure Enders again with more folks possibly raised from the dead but so far Kat's dad is staying prone in the open coffin. I DON'T LIKE coffin scenes goes Owner, and for once folks, I am in total agreement.  I had to go and have an extra biscuit or two to not dwell on it. X
Do have a peaceful and calm day folks, pop the radio on,settle back in your boxes and pilly cases and purr on!! Big Love Wonka X