Sunday, 17 January 2016

The Last Decoration!

THERE IS ALWAYS one of these.

Every year, around this time folks, when everyone else in the entire planet has taken down their good decorations and stowed them away for another eleven months or so - does Owner find the one that got away.

WHAT IS IT THIS YEAR? I questioned up, full of interest it being smack on my supper time snack, yesterdee eve. AND conflicting (I say!) things on the tv like Ronnieo and The Voce.

It is a Christmas Stocking, dangling from the sideboard drawer Wonka, she droned back.  And blow me down, I must have looked at it a million times folks, and not noticed it was there. We were just wondering when this yearly event would resolve itself.  The decoration that REFUSES pointblank to be taken down with the rest.

There it is!! it was dangling away with two other little Christmassy stars....I think Owner got confused with golly's old toy stocking, the one he never played with. THAT lives on the luxury carpet. End of.X
After that excitement, Ronnie smashing his way to the final over poor Mr Bingham was as De Rien folks!!!  And as The Voce (we are now calling it that as we have slightly lost interest folks.) Queen George seemed to Lord it all a bit over the others. What of my little Paloma you all wonder up?  she seemed in awe of everyone and everything except the panel and especially Rickee.  he seemed in awe of her.  it was all very off the wall folks and Owner who is not far off the wall herself, is trying hard to like it. What of those Green stilts that pass themselves off as shoes? Even the drag queen who did NOT get through, gave them a funny look says Owner. X
If the Voce didn't do it, then guess what folks. YES you all knew - Call the Midwifey is back on good Beeb one this eve. this alone, may save Owner from a downward spiral into a giant worrywart about everything. That and me. After all, it is ME that checks on Bertie and plays with Rug under the door.  and ME that gets Owner up in the morning when for some reason the silly old alarm is not set. I ask you.
Have a wonderful Sundee folks and go steady on this frost ridden day! Big Love Wonka X