Thursday, 21 January 2016

The Request

What is this Owner, I quizzed up, sensing a drop in the atmosphere, a change in the (wait for it.  drum roll. perhaps some violins too...)
EQUILIBRIUM!!! (I have outdone myself.x)

it turns out that Owner has received a request from my aunty (Daughter by any other name) to do something.

1.  This something is always Angst ridden and worry warting.
2.  It is generally impossible even to an expert,
3.  it is not visible even with a telescope or magnifying glass.
4.  it will defy all know passwords and such like.

Can you just say NO Owner?


to lighten up and brighten up this Wednesdee problem, what else but me?? x
There I am!! sending out my usual positive thoughts and helpful vibrations (in the form of purring.x)  One poor request and this could send Owner into a poor mood setting of say 2 -3 on the mood reckoner.  She will bob from one slight problem to another, and then by the time you can say HOW'S MY BISCUIT TROUGH she is on zero.  A bit like your hours with that good agency I says up, but luckily she didn't hear me above making a builder's tea.x
Can I find something in the day to improve matters?  it is tricky folks, as blow me down, Dickensian our new fave with or without Bullseye (and it is without folks.I am not going to mention Gyp. or the newbie dog.x) - is not on it has been shoved off for some footie.End of. and Fact X
Corrie has been shoved on early due to some award thingy so all in all I have my werk cut out.  There is not even Stacee continuing to go mad in the Queen Vic with a load of bystanders to rectify (like it) the sit. (that's short for situation and it annoyed Owner so I cannot use it again. end of.x) In other news, Bertie is still coughing,and Rug has a new friend out back.  it came up to the gate and Rug liked it.  so Owner thinks 'it' is a girl. x
I am looking forward to Owner flinging off out to an afternoon's invigilating folks and returning on a setting of say 6 -7.  I can but dream eh.  Now as for the rest of you, you must brush up your fur and get those whiskers a bristling!! January can't go on forever!  big Love Wonka X