Friday, 1 January 2016

The Sound of 2016!

Happi New Year all you folks out there and a big PURR to my small but beautiful following.  No cat is a proper cat without one.Fact.X

There we are! all Owner's best resolutions and mine too.........
WAS WATCHING The Sound of Music one of them? you all sing up...NO, but we are bearing with it nicely. X
Owner saw the New Year in and we enjoyed the fireworks from the safety of the good tv. We know that in Australia they are bigger and better and noted that in Times Square in the U S of A their lights and giant balls in the sky were also bigger and better BUT ours by the London eye were pretty PLUS there was music and singing.  Bertie knew no different and it may as well be a case of New York or new year to him and Ruggles is still in recovery after his giant scrap.
THAT WILL TEACH YOU said Owner to him, giving him a careful stroke as we think Blackster bashed him round his head.  But she didn't mean it folks, and I should know as I get told off from the minute I wake up.......and I know you are all asking how come Wonka, but such is life for a chief advisor.........X
Owner popped out briefly, too briefly for my liking as I was enjoying the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and fell back in droning on about visiting aged sibling and putting some air in the tyres.
Turns out it was one of the things on her Resolutions list so she is counting it as DONE and given it a big TICK. And herewith my little tip for today, the very first day of our good year 2016 - make a resolution you can tick off early AND it will get your all furred up for the rest! I know, I am very proud to mention it. End of.x
They are singing Climb every Mountain which Owner says the Band were playing when she was deciding whether to move here or not.  WHERE FROM? I goes, it being nigh on tea time.  From the Park she tells me.  Did it help I says up - Owner did not have the benefit of my advice at this stage in her up and downs.

You can all come out now as said film has come to a crashing end high up in the Alps. (sorry Austria.X) Now do enjoy your very first day of this good year 2016 and it is all to play for folks. Me? I resolved to have a trough flowing with best biscuits and my beloved Amazen box a tad nearer the red hot rad.  End of.
See you soon!  Big Love Wonka X