Wednesday, 24 February 2016

All Good Things!

If I could put a small bet on that everytime Owner says 5 MORE MINS Wonka after the poor mobile alarm has done its best................ that our bestest ever consultant in the known nearby town will ring up BBBBBBRRRRRRNNNGGGGGG!!!
but it is alright, it happens to be an extra slot at her fave werk place with young people WHO HAVE MANNERS Wonka!!

all good things DO come to those who wait and that is going to be my fave saying all week long. End of and HUGE fact up. Plus, all those nice young people clamoured (good word) yes Clamoured for more info about MY BOOKS...... I knew I would be famous eventually. they did like my illustrations droned Owner to me, and I did pause in what I was doing (face in my trough) to listen up....I mean it was me folks, who kindly let Owner pop a few of her little cartoons in my stories.............X
There we are!!! the other good news is that Owner sent along a tiny sample of our new story to our bestest publishers in the known world alright London then. (Austin Macauley folks).  They have asked to see the rest!!! So Owner is busy checking out the entire story to send them.....Wonka Presents! - An Egyptian Tale - Owner is very excited and seeing as it is me that does tell the tale (like our Christmas Story) I'm a bit proud too. X
In other less exciting news I have agreed with Owner that good news flies in, in threes.  folks, we wish you as much good fortune as has come our way......there is the wishing well and I do rely on it fullstop and end of.X
If only Owner would stop for a minute but she is driven folks driven.  We have managed an episode of Corrie with evil Tracee and I have allowed Owner a tiny listen to THE BRITS.  It is getting on my nerve she has anounced and we will try the baking instead over on one.  Now do go on to have the night and day of your dreams may take a little time it may take longer but rest assured and trust your best furry fur and whiskers, it will happen to you! Big Love Wonka X