Sunday, 7 February 2016

Cleaning Jive!

Howdy Up folks!! Because it is Sundee and a day of rest Owner leapt up this good morn and we have had a cleaning frenzy!

THIS CARPET! she said, looking at all the bit and bobs and curious looking marks and more blobs and FUR and such!! I MUST get the monster out....................OH NO - I have had to nestle upstairs out of harms way for hours now.  Then, she has been cooking yes cooking in the kitchen until the whole of the downstairs smells of CAULI and BROCOLLI.  she is on a massive cleaning and cooking jive folks and Bertie had to go into the inner sanctum(blimey!!) that is his igloo within the Narnia.
IS THAT A SORT OF CUPBOARD WITHIN A CUPBOARD Wonka? you all croak up it being a Sundee. YES Siree!!
Ruggles is always on people alert and machine alert EVEN in a deep sleep he is ready to leap up and escape.  I bet folks, all of you out there relaxing into your Sundees are dead jealous of EH?? X

That is what I should be doing of a Sundee folks!! XXX
What else you all whisper up is going on Wonka?  We have wall to wall #terrywogan on thankfully Owner was paying attention yesterdee and noticed there was to be a FULL ON two hours from good Radio 2 on Terry's BEST BITS! so it is booming out from every room in the house.  He may even hear it himself from the next room............we love you Sir Tel!x
Last night I feared for Owner when she said in a low voice that my little Paloma was now getting on her nerve.  TRY AND HOLD OFF Owner I says to her, and sure enough 'Loma' as Georgy is now calling her, finally stopped saying SORRY for not pressing her big bad buzzer to what was a pretty good performance that anyone else would have turned round for.  Just as Owner was drawing breath to shout SHUTUP at the good and poor telly, she did.  After that excitement, we had Casualtee and the two best bruvvers have found their mum AND charley did not mess it up for them.X
Tonight we will weep all the way through Call the Midwifey AND I must reassure Owner that the coming week cannot be a patch on the week before it. (lots of silver in the wishing well which is full to its brim now.x) Now Owner has finally calmed down from her cleaning frenzy and may fling off for a swim..............a chance for some  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! have the kind of Sundee you deserve folks and then some...with biscuits on!!!  Big Love Wonka X