Monday, 29 February 2016

Extra Days!

Everyone alright just Owner and a few others, have mentioned that it is a LEAP year AND there is an extra day in the good month of Feb.  SO WHAT Wonka, you all shout up full of annoyance as it is a Mundee.

SO....Owner says she could propose to someone.  But Owner I quickly said back, you don't want to marry anyone....(except them whats already married.  and this folks is one of Owner's best tissues I mean issues is falling in love for DE RIEN.  Shakespeare called it unrequited love.  End of and huge fact up.X)

What else could we do with this big and bold EXTRA day??  here's something Owner does NOT want to do with it. (list) 1.  Werk .....Tick, there was no big rush of offers for Owner to earn a few measly bob. 2. Go out and do anything....NOT Tick.  there is plenty for Owner to be doing.  Bertie Bubb needs more expensive fodder. 3.  Have a horrid meeting all about aged parent's dwindling funds....and this folks is causing havoc.  There is to be a meeting and Owner is on extra horrid meeting setting over it.  IS THIS USING UP THE EXTRA DAY Wonka you all now whisper up....MAIS OUI, DA and SI. or JA.x

And just to make it worser this silly old diary has gone and published itself before I SAID IT COULD!!!! Hold on folks while I muck about with it. x

In other less horrid news, it is sunny and bright and I am doing my utmost to cheer Owner on.  NO she didn't get that job or at least they have not fallen over themselves to ring up and say to her she has. NO we haven't any £s and are poverty stricken BUT we are healthy (except for Bertie who is massively fat.x) and lastly, there is a double corrie on tonight and we love it. AND Owner's hair is still going alright.  This alone should save the day folks.  I have warned Owner to power dress and smile in the face of oncoming disaster as it is proven to work.........X

Do go on to have a wonderful furry and purry extra day yourselves folks and I will rally the troops and do my bit too.Extra Big love Wonka X