Monday, 15 February 2016

Fat Bubb

You had to WEIGHT (well I thought it was funny but Owner said not.x) I mean wait a couple of days but here it is............

There he is!!! Bertie on those scales with the good vet astonished that he is weighing more than before!! I love it. x
How did Owner go on at that place Wonka you all shriek up desperate to know....she has rung and left a message and sent off a long email to her best consultant in the land.  Not another complaint Owner I whispered up from well behind the kitchen door.  I CANNOT LET IT GO Wonka, she says to me as her hearing is acute folks.  WITHOUT REPORTING it she droned to me.  It turns out one of the supposed members of staff who could have been in charge but we don't know that for sure (Owner says when you don't know you say a ledge.  Why anyone would talk about a windowsill I'm not sure. X) - anyway this person was NOT helpful and may have been laughing about not being helpful (even I know it is not good to laugh at Owner if she is not on the right setting).  the upshot was folks, Owner felt hard done by and not appreciated.  End of and fact up. X
Once Owner had let off steam by mail and phone, it was safe to come out from under the table and lay as normal, under my sun lamp which doubles as a table lamp EVEN though it is situated (like it.x) on the floor.  Ruggles has been even more good than usual and didn't bat an eye when a beauty white and ginger cat trundled through the gate. In full view as Owner had helpfully (our word for the day) wound the blind up on the poor kitchen door so Rug could see out.  IS HE BLIND Wonka? she pondered up...meaning Rugglestop.  Well he can see me alright when I nip into the kitchen for some confrontation time!  Bertie bubb is exercising himself as far as the bowl of biscuits (his 15 grams portion of unless I eat some then it is less.x) so really folks all is as nice as ninepence.
Tonight we are clutching onto Corrie x 2 with Tracey locked in a hotel bedroom with Carling brown eyebrows, being mean as only she knows how.  Symon is also quite mean and Sally and Tim are a mean team!! I haven't mentioned Ben or Staycee and I'm not going to.  Now do all of you smooth your fur down, and find that purr! and whiskers a go go....Big Love Wonka x