Thursday, 25 February 2016


HOW COME Wonka, droned Owner to me much later on, when she flung back home after a good day's werk - how come it is so cold and yet there is no frost? I mean how the bottom of our stairs would I know folks!!! I am toasty warm, either deep in my ZEN box OR tucked up on my giant nest upstairs that doubles as a nest for Owner.  I could not be warmer if I tried, crushed up to a searing hot rad!!

She did think she saw a bit of snow and I put this down to listening overmuch to the radio which was trilling on about WINTRY SHOWERS. Is she well wrapped up you all shout at me full of sympathy as you cannot cope with Owner being cold.  The secret to her being warm folks, is layers. Upon layers. If in doubt take an extra layer and even when she looks like the Michelin man I say De Rien! Nimic!!!!!
There we are!!  That is me and one of our Easter stories..(The Duffle Stories are all on and it will soon be Easter and Spring folks!  We love Easter just like we love that other big festival, and Owner droned to me that it was A TURNING POINT IN THE YEAR.......I particularly like it as it mentions chicks, those little yellow fluffy BIRDS and as you know I do favour a bird.  End of and big fact up.X
Last night Owner spent time with the printer.  Sometimes folks, the printer is out friend and sometimes it is not.  It is called BROTHER and that is the last thing it is folks, especially when Owner has an urgent printing job BUT, the god of printing was on side and page after page of the new Story bolted out of its mouth.  Then Owner had to re read it not once but twice to make sure it was as good as she thought it was.  I AM HAPPY WITH THIS she goes to me, and this good morn, off it went!! paws crossed folks that the good publishers like it and take it on! - now tonight, there is not one but two episodes of Enders.  I know.  Martin has said cherio to a life with Staycee and the babe and there are so many villains we have lost count.  BUT, this should bring Owner down to earth and give her something else to be annoyed about.x
Bertie is still big and fat, and Ruggles is keeping an eye out back from his new vantage point next to the radio. And the mirror. In the meantime folks it is Fridee once more and the end of a Big Week.  Take it steady, get preened up and go to it!  Big Love Wonka X