Monday, 22 February 2016

Get in lane!

Good Morn this beauty Mundee folks!  Sun's up and so is Owner.  Now I did NOT say she is raring to go. NO.  And she has already missed two calls for werk from her best consultant that is Kevin.

WOULD you Owner, I quizzed up, HAVE ACCEPTED A DAY'S TOIL I mean werk??  NO Wonka she says straightback to me, AS YOU KNOW I have an interview later on.  Owner seems to me, to be on laid back setting and although this is good where interviews and such like are concerned should she have a dab of nerves?? This will happen about 10 mins before she is grilled I mean interviewed I dare say, so plenty of time yet.  And folks, Owner must look right before she sounds right. X
There we are!! that is what me and Owner do the minute she falls back in after what seems like YEARS somewhere else!! and here's the big news folks, she navigated all those little islands come cities come roundebouts, and she got in all the lanes that sprung up out of nowhere.....all of sudden Wonka, she tells me up, I was in this lane and then a big sign said Get IN LANE! and blow me down all our stairs if she didn't crack it folks....I blame it on the endless supply of fruit pastilles AND choc limes. X
In other lesser news she had a fab time and is sorry to be back here saddled with interviews aged parents deeper in debt and such forth BUT the upside is we are all here ME, Bertie bubb and Rug to keep her busy.  Yes siree. And she has brought back a little sky blue bag with a big bow for a fastener that she HAD to have.  There will be a suitable cartoon of this shortly as it is still settling in folks and dangling from a door handle. (I did say to Owner is this why all the locks fail because all these heavy things are dangling from the door handles but she didn't hear me above racing upstairs to hang the new darling bag from her door handle.  end of and fact upX).
Tonight we will be exhausted from trips to the GP (aged sibling) trips to the interview (Owner) and trips round the accounts. (I hide under the bed for this and then if need be under the darker and harder to get at bed settee. X) BUT, there is Corrie X 2 stacking up on villains and Enders which is even darker than those two places I hide in!! Try and get through Mundee with plenty of snacks and snoozes!  Big Love Wonka X