Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Get up and Go Go

What is all this go go business you whisper up to me folks, it only being Tuesdee and STILL February, the darkest dampest dreariest month of all.
this Feb, droned Owner to me, first thing or near enough to it, IS BETTER than last Feb.  HOW SO? I says politely and all it being bang on my breakfast time....................

I AM Getting through ALL of it! She tells me. 
Interview?  TICK - according to Owner she got through that looking good and sounding good AND answering a lot of open questions.  We all know folks, that an open question can cause no end of trubble.  some people carry on talking long past the meaningful answer.  DID YOU DO THAT Owner?  I says carefully so as not to upset the biscuit cart.
I THINK, she babbled to me, I avoided it Wonka.  and the upshot is folks, she will find out if she has secured a brighter financial future for ME and Bubb and Rug at the end of the week.  I have a box of issues I mean Tissues ready PLUS there is ample builders tea. End of and Fact up:
There we are!! Owner thought they might ask about change... DID THEY ask you Owner I says still fairly interested as this might change my future you see folks.......NO she goes back there was DE RIEN, NIMIC (this is for our lovely Romanian folks, well at least two and it means nothing. X) about change, but they did ask for an example of when my authority was challenged.  When I had finished laughing, I asked Owner which example out of the several thousand she had given.  THAT LAST SKOOL placement she goes, the one where the entire class went haywire.  OH YES I went back.  I can only hope folks, that the nice panel of judges I mean interviewers, liked Owner enough to forgive all those rambling, shuffling erming and looking at the ceiling and out of the window for inspiration answers............... AND, if not, that nice consultant Kevin rang Owner with two days werk at the best skool placement in the world alright this town then.  This week is full of it folks.X
In other less exciting news, Ruggles has stopped going in the luxury shed and there is a newby on the block.  Owner is calling it Perdita for now until another name pops up. it is tabby and ate all of Rugg's breakfast yesterdee.  Bertie is still pretty fat but happy with it and ME, thanks for asking, very happy that Owner is back from NOT Europe but the west midlands and didn't get eaten by a roundabout.  Tonight we will cuddle up to Enders even though it is still on with Staycee and her baby jesus, then it is Happy Valley to hide behind a cushion with.  There has been another murder and we think he will try and pin it on another murderer erer.  End of and fact up.X
Now do go on to have a bigger and better day to yourselves. That full moon up there is having a beneficial (lordy!) beam down on us so best whiskers and a tiny claw will do it!! Big Love Wonka X