Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Good Hair Day

This is just to cheer all you folk up who are having a rotten Feb.

SO ARE WE!! what with the bubster on a diet, me with.......hang on, I have DE RIEN wrong.....what with Rugglestop and his ear mites (say no more but when he scratches himself round the ears he make a funny gargling noise.X) and now for Owner's Feb:

Anxiety ridden, poverty stricken, stress ridden and horrid work placements ridden BUT and this is the top news folks, her hair has gone good.  all else has slid downwards except this.  it looks a picture.  A golden silky stylish picture  and that folks, is our saving grace for Feb.
It went good just before our bestest hairdresser landed and it has stayed good.  As if, droned Owner to me and I did listen up as it was smack on one of my snack times, - as if to make up for all the rotten bits Wonka! and folks, there are always plenty of those laying in wait for Owner. End of and fact up.X
When she fell back in after a pesky day at that good placement gone bad, she needed more tea and more cuddles.  I was hoisted up and flung over her shoulder before you could say Bertie Bubb!  All the good service users loved her and liked her crafts she told me up, AND admired her hair.  Flattery folks, is just what Owner needs on days like these.  In other more exciting news, someone has seen fit to offer Owner an interview.  it is on Mundee coming and she is already in a spin.  Owner and interviews are a bit hit and miss - I know what to do and I have done it folks - flung 20p in the wishing well.  and if that doesn't secure the job.......the good hairstyle will!X
Tonight we have cuddled up to Enders and a horrid character called Baybe.  We don't like her not even as a villain and she will easily take the place of Staycee and Ben and all, for getting on Owner's nerve.  Luckily Happi Valley is on and will take Owner's mind off the three thousand problems it is grappling with.  I did say should you be relaxing when there is an interview coming up, the accounts to jiggle and go flsyglkguidkldx over, and a weekend to prepare for but luckily she didn't hear me above boiling the rocket for a builders.  I know. X
Have a cuddly eve and a spring in your step tomorrow folks! big Love Wonka X