Monday, 1 February 2016

Helloa February!

HAVE YOU CHANGED ALL THE CALENDARS Owner I chirped up, once we had all been fed and tableted and sorted out with our facilities.
NOT QUITE she goes back.  This folks is a famous saying by Owner and is pretty meaningless.  What does and I quote:
'not quite back yet' mean??????  What it says Wonka, she goes back to me.  While she is busy doing all the millions of calendars and diaries we have dotted everywhere in case we forget what day it is OR we have to mark an important occasion - I can report up on Feb.  SO FAR IN:
the sun is out TICK
Owner got up alright ish TICK
NO ONE has died yet - that we know. TICK

You have had a nice cartoon of the Bubster freshly carted to the vets, ME looking wistfully at the Wotsit plant (wot is left of it....x) so here is some Ruggles.
There we are!!! Owner thinks when he sits atop his linen box on his heated pad, he looks like an ancient Egyptian pharaoh OR one of those half human half lion things.  DO YOU MEAN a Sphinx Owner? YES I DO, she went back.  ps I did say to Owner have you spelt Pharaoh wrong and she says, I MIGHT HAVE Wonka. X
This reminded her of our new Wonka Presents story, which folks, is all about an Egyptian.  Are you going to submit it to our good publishers Owner?  I AM WORKING UP TO IT, she announced.X

Now yesterdee was the last day of January and all about sir Tel aka Terry Wogan.  Owner has just about stopped weeping UNLESS they play somewhere over the radio again.  End of and Fact UP x

Tonight, we have a double helping of Corrie with Carling brown eyebrows fresh out of hospital and Feelan will be creeping round building sites with Jason his new bestest. We do miss born again Owen and Gazzer kicking off every 2 mins.  there is some Enders and a chance for Owner to go mad for half an hour tops.  Now with it being the first of Feb, you may want to celebrate. GO ON I dare you!! Best bib and tucker and off you go!  Big Love Wonka X