Saturday, 6 February 2016

I love Owner!

Did she make it through Wonka? you all ask anxiously.

Just about folks.................. When she crawled back in last night after her dally with fame - alright an open mic night, she had to have a giant builders tea.  AND there wasn't a parking space for miles so the car with no name is a good two streets away - apart from all of that Owner, I says up nicely, HOW DID IT GO?

About as well as that last lesson I didn't cover Wonka! she tells me back.  Plus, I got chatted up by a fire-eater, she tells me up. (he said.  I said, Owner if he didn't fire-eat what did he do? HE PLAYED THE GUITAR she goes back.  OH. x) Are the planets in some horrid line up I wondered up, I mean how foolish can things get? eh? EH?? x

to cap it all, Owner spent ten mins on the doorstep with her key in the good front door chatting to a neighbour in the cold and dark and drizzle, whilst I, prodded the window with my head and the other end of me!!  it turns out this NICE neighbour is leaving the street and has sold her house 2 mins after popping it on the market.
I FEEL LIKE PACKING UP AND GOING TOO whined Owner, sipping on her builders.  OH! I says, snapping out of my dream which was to eat up the rest of Bertie's new biscuits.

There was a woman in a red dress who performed herself out of the park, there was a stand up comic who told at least one funny joke, there were several guitar playing men and such and some poets and THEN folks there was Owner.  She told her tale to a startled audience and kept going through two mobile rings. DID SHE FINISH before the allotted 5 mins you all wonder up, admiringly.
WELL BEFORE. End of and fact up. X

in other less interesting news, Owner is now on a downward spiral and it will take a LOT of confidence boosting from me to sort this out.  There is chocolate TICK.  there is some red vino. TICK. There is The Voice, with my little paloma and Georgy porgy squabbling and picking on Rickee whilst Willyam sits tight. MASSIVE TICK. and then Casualtee - this might save the day specially if charley nursey imparts (like it) some wisdom.  you see Owner, I chirps up. it's not all bad...............X

You folks, are on orders to quickly go out, do your essential shopping, and hurry home to cuddle up to a boxset.  It is the answer to all known ills and then some. I have told Owner to do the same, with sweets on!   Big Love Wonka X

PS I know you are all hanging off your settees wondering and gasping up as to WHAT was the story Owner did tell.....................