Sunday, 21 February 2016


My belovedandbestest ever Owner has returned!!!

And we have all been GOOD!!

There will be some proper news tomorrow folks but in the meantime there is this:
What and who is that you all shout at me very loudly???  that folks, is May, who Owner has been visiting.  ANYONE else I says up?
MY COUSIN and her partner that's who May lives with and tries to keep in check  my belovedandbestest Owner droned to me..........X
I am not jealous no.  I do not go in for that hardly at all, ever.  You know how much I encourage Bertie bubb to come out of the Narnia and play............and how I love to bat paws with Ruggles. anyway, I have missed my belovedandbestest Owner rather a lot and am dashing off for yet another huge and giant cuddle.  End of and Fact up.  There will lots of news tomorrow including all of Owner's worrywarting about the Pending interview.  I know! exciting isn't it!!  Big love Wonka X