Wednesday, 3 February 2016


HALLOA!!! without further ado, and with a tiny drumroll...........
YES folks!! Owner trots back in smiling and normal (well close to. x) This can only mean yesterdee's cover supervising went down a treat.  WE WON'T GO THAT FAR Wonka, she tells me up BUT she even went back into a room where she had felt AWFUL Wonka, last time she was there.  And to follow it up folks, she must go back this aft!! personally, I will do all I can to see her off and out and doing AS it means a full trough of biscuits for ME, and Bertie's very expensive diet AND Rugglestop. XXX
While she was out the good postman tried really hard to deliver the book owner has ordered and was looking forward to reading.  instead he left one of those I TRIED HARD TO DELIVER IT postcards.  This means Owner must dash about and park up and get out of breath simply to capture and secure the book.  WHAT IS IT Wonka you all shout up, possibly out of breath too???
JAKOB's Colours........or something very like that. As soon as we have it here at home, I can report up further folks AND peutetre (could mean perhaps in Frenchy France!) a photshoot. End of and Fact up.X
Finally, the sun is out and it is all to play for.  last night The Real Marigold Hotel did not let us down.  Miriam or Marian or the cuddly one who farts (there I have said it.Don't tell Owner...x) all day long and definitely through the night, well she braved a long train journey with the others to see the Taj Mahal.  Yes,  Was it worth all of that?  YES. We love Wayne, and now we love Jan Leeming who needs a companion pronto.X
Tonight, there is NO, or DE RIEN of Dickensian who has had to make way for another programme which might be a bake off.  Owner may complain.  IF she is not too tired and IF she survives another shout at that place this aft.  She has the good hairdresser to look forward to folks at 5 30, smack on everyone's tea time, and the eternal question of whether to LEAVE WELL ALONE or, go mad.
The answer folks, is in the question. (I love you Owner!XX)
Do go on to have the day of your dreams!  Big Love Wonka X