Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Out of Sorts

What you on about Wonka?  WHO you all cry up, is out of sorts.
Owner, is out of sorts.
it started up last night and this good morn it is continuing.  What has worsened Owner's mood setting which has swung to around 3 to 4 on the meter, is......................... JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING.  and to top it off, she has a shout for werk.  Usually this is to be greeted with cries of Thankyou God of Work!! thank you wishing well!! Thank you the powers that be!!!
But instead, I heard non stop groaning and moaning folks.

IT'S TO THAT PLACE Wonka....... Yes? I said in that new and helpful way to encourage more information........... it turns out folks it is to 'help' Kevin out who is Owner's best (and only.x) consultant at the agency.  Even though folks, the last time Owner helped out at this place, she fell back in vowing, VOWING, never to return.  The only thing she can do to fend it off, (I advised.x) is to power dress her socks off. End of and fact up.x

To take her mind off that, and switch it immediately (like it.x) to the never ending spiral into debt of the beloved credit card, there is this:
There we are!! And it is all about diets in this house now.  When Owner is on a mission, no one is left out of it.  I have fought hard to regain my trough of biscuits despite Bertie being on a miniscule ration. And I have tried hard not to taste them.  much. X
Now in other sadder, much sadder news we watched an hour long version of the One Show which normally Owner would shy away from, or rear up against like a horse stalling at a jump. WHY? I questioned up (well after my tea time) are we watching this instead of good Corrie. it turns out it was a full on tribute to Sir Tel and another chance for the entire nation to mourn.  NO, Owner has not stopped yet either. X
Tonight we can cuddle up to the Best Hotel in India (The Real Marigold)and beloved Wayne Sleep. he is our new bestest celebrity.End of.
Now I must dash as I am worn out with advising and reassuring Owner.  her hair has gone alright and this is a blessing I said. OH,she says back, ready to swing into a full on ugly person mood given a chance. IT IS ONLY A COUPLE OF HOURS Owner, I persist in saying.  THANK GOODNESS Wonka she droned back. all this folks for a packet of best biscuits!!  Now do go on to have a fab and successful day yourselves.  no weeping NONE, just smiling and laughing please. big Love Wonka X