Friday, 5 February 2016

She said No!


And this time folks, Owner said NO.  not quite No, Wonka, she tells me up after.  The world according to Owner goes like this folks:  After a whole night toss turn turn toss get up and make a drink oh and have 2 biscuits, open windows shut them read a couple of pages of a book that IS NOT a good bedtime book....zzzzzz and she wakes up with WHAT TO DO.

This folks is called SLEEPING ON IT.  the answer then flies into your head in the night and you know what to do about that problem.  according to Owner. X

I said I CANNOT GO BACK TO THAT SCHOOL THIS MORN (she went into a long rant why.  I am missing out that bit folks. in short, yesterdee was Owner's waterloo, except it happened in a classroom.  she is still alive. NO she has not gone onto zero setting.  I know. X) BUT, I says I will go back next week - IF I feel up to it.  End of and fact up.

This folks is sort of what happened:

There we are!  Owner says the lesson went downhill 2 mins before it began and she never wants to learn about distillation and evaporation ever again not ever. X
so when she falls back in later on and instantly saying I AM NOT GOING TO CRY Wonka, well folks, I had my work as pur cut out.
I had to promise (list) 1.  NEVER to eat anymore of Bertie's new dietary biscuits. (paws crossed. X) 2. NOT to scratch her by accident or even worse on purpose. (as if.X) 3. NOT to look at Bertie directly (would I? x)................end of and facts up.x
Last night I tried to lighten things up with a dose of Enders which ended in not one but two prison visits. Are they saving on something Owner wondered up? and then we watched Dickensian, with nasty Compeyson plotting to be rid of his engagement and then half of Jericho.  WHY JUST HALF Wonka you all wake up and shout to me? when Owner is jittery and juddery, she cannot concentrate and poor Jericho wasn't sad, bad or dangerous enough to know.  tonight she may venture out to an (big roll on the drums) OPEN MIC session.  all I can say is, take a deep breath and pretend you are talking to me Owner.X
I want you all to take Fridee by the gunnels whatever they are, give them a good shake up and GO TO IT!!  big Love Wonka X