Thursday, 4 February 2016

She's just a girl who.....

Folks Good Morn up!!!   The next line is of course, Owner is just a fool who can't say NO!!! sorry Owner! only joking...............

BBBRRNNNGGGG goes Owner's mobile just as she is about to settle down at the good table with her breakfast AND a good book.
'Do you want to go for the hat trick?' goes the best consultant in the whole world OR a largish town nearby. WHY? says Owner 5 mins later, did I say Yes instead of NO...... and what can I say back folk??? Yesterdee, she just about scraped through the afternoon, with shouting, making a note of names, more shouting, throwing herself in front of the door to stop the student stampede at the last bell.....................BUT stopped short by a miniscule few centimetres of a nervous breakdown.
I will say a prayer Owner....AND pop double the amount in the wishing well.  I cannot folks, say furrer I mean fairer than that. end of and Fact well up. X

There we are!! it is just Owner on a typical day really.  A bit of hows your father here, and a lot of bgkhggslfidyxxxx! over there.  and I will be ready to run upstairs if the mood setting swings to ZERO!!! under that bed !!! X
In other lesser news, after Owner had returned she made a mess up of her eagerly awaited hairdressing.  HOWCOME you all shout up, knowing full well that this is Owner's HIGHLIGHT of the month.  This was due to her changing her mind at the last minute folks. Do I want my hair this colour?  or that colour? or any colour???? all these questions folks would tax the patience of a good line up of Saint hairdressers and Graham is no saint! (we love you Graham!x) so the new appt is a week Fridee and MUST not change. 
The other cancellation that has taxed the patience of a radio presenter, means Owner cannot now make a fool of herself on radio, (but is saving that for a class full of students instead!! ONLY joking Owner.X) as she is covering some classes again.  Yes, she was due to star again at the local Scarborough Radio and personally, I think it is a blessing that her services are required elsewhere.   JUST THINK OF THE £s I said to Owner by way of reassurance.  End of and huge fact up. X
We got through the evening nicely what with Sport relieving bake off this time with nice Ed Balls, mad Victoria Coren (and sorry if it isn't coren coren X))and some other finer bakers.  Victoria baked an impressionist cake which failed to, and Ed's skier didn't either.  thingy won it with a yoghurt cake. I know. Corrie was all about reformed and keen to show she has, Jenni, who Reetah has taken under her wing and telling all else to leave her alone!  Tonight there is Dickensian AT LAST.  Bertie?  he is doing well on the diet and the fears of the thorough money grabbing (sorry vet!) vet were unfounded.  It is not Bertie stealing my food but the other way round!!! Ruggles has discovered how much he loves very expensive sheba and more on that tmro.X
Please enjoy your day AND stick to the rules even when everyone shouts at you they are not fair. They are fair!! Big Love Wonka X