Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The Good Life

SOME PEOPLE, droned up Owner just when I was dozing off after a long day of it (looking at Bertie, looking at Bertie again, checking out front for red van man as Owner cannot abide his van and I mean she goes funny about it if it is parked up opposite - anyway, yes checking out back and all over again from the begin............)

SOME PEOPLE are having a good life Wonka, she observed.  I have to admit that the odd moment this could be true of Owner, and I mean ODD moment, but what she meant was this:  some people are trotting off to werk and coming home with all their nerves intact.  End of and Fact up.  It turns out that the school Owner was posted to was far too nice for its own good.  it was calm, collected, caring and even the staff were friendly. I have popped a coin in the overflowing well for Owner to get in there, mostly, as it would make my life easier.  End of. total. XX

There we are!  it is only two mins since they got hitched and now Murrymint is a Dad! They are the proud parents of a baby girlie who will soon rule that roost! and they folks, are definitely living the good life.....X
What else is good right now you all ponder up busy examining your own tidy little lives?? IT'S ALL ABOUT COUNTIN YOUR BLESSINGS goes Owner still in full on philosophical setting (need a lie down....x) and I will remind her she said that in 2 mins time when she is doing the accounts.  NOTHING, De Rien, is more likely to send her funny............apart from red van man.  Then she goes: DOES HE HAVE TO PARK there!!!  I know.x
Ruggles did a repeat of yesterdee and popped to the shed and stayed there.  First on the downstairs bit and then on the shelf. And, Owner reports he went funny when she looked in. personally I think it is fair enoughski to shy back and look funny with Owner charging through the shed door...........Bertie is starving and is hunting for food BUT he must stay on his diet, Owner is determined.  me?  thanks for asking, I nearly got trapped in the tiny minute space between the sideboard and the skirting but luckily Owner noticed I was trying to reverse out and moved the sideboard to untrap me.  it does weigh a ton and I mustn't ever go there again, she said to me.x
Do go on to have a good life of a day out there folks, and soon be Fridee.  Big Love Wonka X
PS due to Owner slaving away and being busy she has hardly watched the telly to shout at it BUT chose to watch happi Vally over Real Marigold.  We are saving that for tonight to say cherio to Wayne and co.  we loved it.