Sunday, 13 March 2016

Are we well yet?

Owner spent a decent night EXCEPT for cough cough,.......cough cough cough............... COUGH. Is this any improvement Wonka you all ask up, from your sick beds, or settees.


We did manage to watch the Voice without Owner losing hers OR her temper. AND, if we ignore and dismiss my little Paloma's choice of the best three singers from the others............Owner was in full agreement with Rickee.  We love Kevin, Chloe and thingy is it Jolen a lot. End of and big fat furry fact up. X

There we are!! That is the cat that Ruggles brought back with him the other day!! Owner knew it had been round once before AND given a name - Clarabel. It showed every sign of having a good home so why oh why did it want to come into ours? Owner says there is an invisible sign above the poor back door with CAT HOTEL on it. She could be right.  End of .X
Apart from laying about and coughing, Owner is doing very little and says up , in her defence, she is still ill AND reserving herself for next week.  ~This has meant endless watching of old DVDs and things on catch up.  We have now completed the three-part series of Stag and we loved it. DO YOU RECOMMEND IT Wonka? you all ask up with interest..... MAIS OUI. it made Owner cackle and giggle so it must be good.  Our next film (after The Railwayman which was so heartrending Owner is still weeping...) is one that Owner's daughter said never to make her watch so we should enjoy it to the hilt folks.X (it is called Ruth & Alex.  I know.x)
Call the midwifey is over and so is our Sundee night UNTIL something steps up the plate called A GOOD SUNDEE NIGHT series.  until then folks, keep warm, keep well and have a good start to your week.  Big Love Wonka X