Monday, 21 March 2016

Boing! Spring is here!

Hurray folks! It seems like we have been under a dark cloud alright Owner has then, for ages.  YES she is still coughing for Ingerland in the night BUT reports feeling HALF DECENT today.

Spring is in the air Wonka! she tells me up.  Yesterdee she ventured out back to inspect two plants.  The next thing I observed from my vantage point (excellent use of word.x) on the sideboard safe from all weather conditions and Owner's gardening skills  - yes the next thing I saw was Owner gently tipping up one of the pots overflowing with rainwater, all over her feet.  That folks, was the prickly rose.  Then she does the same thing with the Clematis pot. OH, she goes. So folks, instead of a quick inspection she was out there swilling down the yard (and her feet) clearing up mud, scraping up tomato food (rotting slowly in a cardboard box with no tomatoes in sight) and generally making work for herself.  I blame it all on Monty Don.  he is an ace gardener with a massive garden who knows what he is doing.  End of and garden facts up. X
There we are!  and if you look closely you can see the Easter bunny!! X
Owner has completed day one of two at the bestest skool we know of and reports feeling more at home.  Does this mean Owner, I quizzed up, that you are inching back into your comfort zone? YES she goes back.  We could be in for a happy Easter after all folks! she has even written a list with Easter things on it.  And, she has a lunch out planned with daughter.  Big Easter fact up! I did say I hope your appetite has returned by then Owner but she didn't hear me above boiling the rocket I mean kettle.X
Tonight we are hugging up to Corrie X 2 and nasty Feelan and silly old Eileen.  And Kev the mechanic believes his Anna now so maybe he will do battle!! We love it, and in between like a jam sandwich is Enders.  There are so many dead people come back to life or trying to it is all a big muddle but Fil, is still drunk and Ronnie is still around telling him off.  Shazzer and her chimneysweep son are flitting about the square and I did remark to Owner about her hair (shazzers) as it looks brown to me.  did she use the same hair dye that you did Owner I quizzed up but Owner didn't hear me above shouting at The Eggheads (one of them got on her nerve.x) enjoy your evening folks and keep sunny and bright! Big Love Wonka X