Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Clear Out.

WHAT is this Wonka? you all chirp up, over the holidee break, over your colds and raring to go.  some of you are.  PEUTETRE.

Owner finally got up after a lot of padding round her and allowing a claw or two to dab lightly at her face.  ALRIGHT I am getting up she goes.  Hours later after she had tended to ME, Bertie bubb and Rugglesis, cleaned the facilities, trudged to the luxury shed and changed the biscuit trough OH and dragged the heavy as you know wot dustbin out front - THEN, she finally does the job that has been waiting for weeks.  She clears out the old accounts folder.

I DON'T NEED THAT she goes, then rescues it and reads it through.  I WILL KEEP THAT she says and puts it on the 'Keepin That' pile.  On the next sift, it is then thrown in the 'TO TEAR UP PILE'.  I did say that the old shredder of her aged parent, that she threw out because she didn't like it (it refused to shred on a few occasions.  end of.) OH and it was worn out (like you Owner!! only joking!!) - I did say, THAT SHREDDER would have come in handy, but she didn't hear me above ripping up some bills from 2009.x

There we are!! and the new accounts ringbinder is pink and so are we!! X

In other less riveting and exciting news, Owner is feeling a lot better and not as worried as me about our poverty stricken state.  YES, we have cracked it with another book on the way, but as all know, a writer's life is not generally strewn with £s.  What we really need Owner, I says up, is to be noticed by a film or tv person.
WHAT AND TURN you into a cartoon she goes................. just a thought.  In the meantime, I am hiding the balance on the bestest credit card in the entire world alright round here and crossing off ALL but essentials on the shopping list. It didn't help when she flung back in yesterdee laden with new clothes alright three things.
More coins in the wishing well folks. X

We loved crème de la crème and our fave team with doubting Graham in it (Jamesis team) won out with their giant sugar fairy and apple crumble.  I know. The young ones (Reecesis Team) lost out but not for enthusiasm, and the other team Owner took against.  Tonight we have good Corrie and Todd has the measure of Feelan.  Then it is mastercheffy so I can sit back and relax as Owner has declared she loves this show because it is SO FAIR. (unlike a few other reality shows that have let Owner down.yes.).

Do have a sunny and happy furry day yourselves folks, and go easy on those biscuits!  big Love Wonka X