Saturday, 12 March 2016

Comfort Zones

NOW WHAT? you all mumble at me, half way through good Satdee and not really with it.  Owner reports that being ill has made her fall out of her COMFORT ZONE.  personally, I cannot tell any different, as she is still slaving I mean looking after ME, Bertie Bubb (his eye is fine by the way and I knew Owner was fussing over NIMIC or De rien folks. X) and Rug the same as always.  My food is still on time, more or less - the facilities are sparkling and she is STILL measuring out Bertie's very expensive biscuits to that thick black line on the plastic cup. 

I FEEL UGLY, continued Owner AND, when I look in the mirror I don't look like me.  Again, this is not new and I have simply advised Owner NOT to look in the mirror! End of and Beauty Fact up. X

There we are!!! The good hairdresser Graham is due next week and It cannot be TOO SOON.......X

In other news what is happening folks.  STILL not a dicky bird not a tweet or a twittery from our good publishers. Again I have reassured Owner with things like: no news is good news and when Owner replied whoever said that wants shooting Wonka I pretended not to hear.  I also say things like: when you are ill Owner you insist on being very negative to which she replied NO I don't.  I rest my paws and everything folks. X

Tonight if I can hear the telly above Owner's new and gurgly cough we will cuddle up to The Voice and TRY not to let my little paloma upset Owner by speaking too slowly, looking funny or just by being on the show at all. It doesn't make any difference folks by saying to Owner that is it YOU you are annoyed with, from my years of reading psychoanalysts (aha!x) when Owner thought I was just dreaming under the bed. Then we can watch Casualtee and see people who are far more ill that Owner is.x

Have a fab Satdee folks, and keep taking the tablets!  Big Love Wonka X