Monday, 7 March 2016

Go Slow!

Owner has decided to feel ill today and there is no changing her.
THIS COLD Wonka.....she sneezed up at me this morn. ATTTCHHOOOOOO!
I mean, when I do a miniscule almost inaudible (ooh! new word up and I like it) sniffle Owner wants to go on a giant worrywart and say HAVE YOU GOT CAT FLU Wonka?  AGAIN?? She cannot forget that awful Christmas when we all had it (except Owner.x) OR that time just before Owner flung off to Europe, when I did come down with a bit of a temperature.  According to the Vets I did.X

I have ordered her OUT to the shop to buy up a parcel of lemons and make a giant lemon and honey drink and then lay on the settee and sip it.  PLUS we could watch that nice weepie film about the second horrid world war with that nice Colin Wolin Firth in it. ALRIGHT Wonka she says. Hurrah folks!x
The other thing is, it has snowed in the night. AND Owner is to shuffle off to werk tomorrow so we must get her right for that. DON'T BE LONG Owner I whispered up as she crawled off to the shops.  She might go to the end of the street OR to the one which says it will help you (I think not) and is trying to take over the known world with its car parks.  At least that is what Owner's dearly beloved wood carving in heaven Dad used to say.  End of and big Fact up for a Mundee. X
And here is a big TIP: do not, under any circumstances check your gas and electric bills out when they tell you to.  AND do not under any circumstances let that big burly bespectacled man in who says he has COME TO READ YOUR METER.  he could be a pesky Viking.  Just say what Owner did:  IT IS NOT CONVENIENT.  I did say perhaps he was more frightened by how you looked Owner, as she had just risen from a nap - but she didn't hear me above making a shopping list.X
Ruggles took a quick look out back and has gone back to bed. TICK.  Bertie has had his first pouch and some biscuits and is not quite as starving as first thing. TICK.  Me? thanks for asking, I have found a sunny spot near to the searing hot rad and am basking in it.  I love it.X
Wrap up warm, like that nice royal family on their skiing trip have!  There is a beauty photo of little Charlotte with her Dad and we loved it me and Owner. Big Love Wonka X