Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Grande Finales

Somehow I am getting Owner through the week.  YES she is still taking the tablets, and says she is tired of feeling and looking like someone else.  WHO DOES SHE LOOK LIKE Wonka? you are all fascinated to know.  simply folks, it is not anyone rich or famous or beauty looking NO, instead my Owner says she has been replaced by an ugly, old and fairly stupid person only capable of attracting negative attention and wotnot.


There has to be a bright side, or a light beaming at the end of Owner's tunnel but we just don't know what it is yet.  There have been contracts to sign (dark clouds) cheques going missing (black cloud) and the ever diminishing fortunes of this household (gloomridden murky cloud) BUT we must not forget the wishing well is working hard on our behalf...................X

There we are! It was the last very edge of your seat drama from Happi Valley and we loved it.X
Tonight we are huddled up to Corrie times one and De rien of anything else.  Owner is droning on about an early night and what is the point Wonka.  I tell you folks, I am working round the clock to make things happen!  There are TWO yes DEUX new stories on the go for a start off.  And, if Owner cracks on, the new Duffel could be up on for Easter! I hope, droned Owner, you are not being overly optimistic.......My middle name folks!! X
And, thanks to Owner's cousin we have a new and exciting health ridden snackette! What is it Wonka? you all shout up starving and such like - it is avocado, prawns and a dash of white wine vinegar. it is the perfect meal for Owner who is still off her food.  End of. Now Bertie Bubb is on his food he just isn't  getting enough and Rugglestop is being a fliberty jibbert and flitting in and out of the good back yard. Me? thanks for asking - just keeping an eye on it all folks.  Now until next time, snuggle on down and enjoy!
big Love Wonka X