Wednesday, 9 March 2016

It Snowed

Yesterdee and the day before that folks, it snowed.
WHAT ABOUT TODAY Wonka you all ask fairly quietly as you know Owner has the cold from hell and is ultra sensitive to noise. Noise and everything else.

Today folks, it rained and rained and rained.  Not just any old rain, but like in Forrest Gump we had every type of rain - fat rain, horizontal rain, torrential rain and nasty icy rain that gets to you however you are covered up. DID THE CAR SEAT GET DAMP Wonka, is your final query up. SOAKED THROUGH.  Bring back the snow......End of and dripping wet fact up.X

There we are!!  we had a weensy flurry of snow on Mundee OR late on Sundee eve.  AND when Owner soldiered to that nice school on Tuesdee she reports an even weensier flurry!  any of this is better than the relentless rain she told me when she crawled back home later on this aft.  she is still sneezing and coughing for Ingerland and has been recommended to drown it (the cold from hell) in gin. BUT YOU DON'T DRINK GIN Owner I said up taking a sudden interest.  I KNOW she says back in between taking some more of those expensive pain killers and sipping some lemon and honey.....X
In other less exciting news nothing or DE RIEN has happened and that is how Owner likes it.  When she is ill she goes straight to negative and ugly setting and is expecting BAD NEWS at every stage of the day.  She is convinced now that our new and best story will fail to delight the publishers (our bestest) as much as it did us. YOU CANNOT KNOW THAT I said to reassure her but she didn't hear me above a volley of sneezing (about 4 to 5 snorts which is down from 7 or 8 folks.).
Bertie is taking it all in his stride and we had a nice confrontation this morning.  All Owner could hear from the kitchen was  SCREECH, YOWL, BIGGER YOWL lesser screech followed by
STOP IT WONKA!!! Ruggles thought it was outside and leapt up onto the side.  Then he looked at himself in the mirror on top of the good radio.  He loves it.X
It is early nights here folks so Owner can say cherio to the cold from hell and rise up a new woman in the morning.  That is plan A and there is no Plan B.  Keep warm folks and in a contest between rain or snow, it is NO contest.  Big Love Wonka X