Tuesday, 8 March 2016

It's one of those days!!!

I read somewhere, droned Owner to me, in between dying her hair (she went ugly. I know.x) coughing, sneezing and pink in the face.... THAT IT IS INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY.

Really folks this should mean a big celebration of all the things they do. ERM...................... only joking Owner!!

Usually at times like this I am forced to make a list BUT I simply want to note down our fave woman of all time.  IS IT that Egyptian one Wonka you all shout at me pretty loudly. 
She is a top fave because she got on with it (says Owner)that Nefertiti.  There are others we could name LIKE our good monarch Queeny Elizabeth who is still here, there is that nice politician in Sconny Botland and Wales....there is that americcy hopeful Hilary! Who else is our top fave...... is it my beloved Owner??? OF COURSE IT IS.  Who else would set off to werk when she is feeling rubbish!!! Seriously folks, it is time to give women the rewards they deserve! equal pay! equal rights! even Bertie agrees about this and doesn't blame Owner at all for his massive weight increase.  Not a bit of it.X
In other international women's day news we are still hoping that the best publishers in the known world alright London BUT there is talk of an office in New York (I know. I would go down a storm there.x) that is Austin Macauley folks - are still deciding the fate of Owner's story AS presented by me.  Alright the illustrations are pretty good and we love it (The Egyptian Tale) and please can they love it too.  It would make Owner's day.  and mine.  End of and giant international fact up.X
Do have a wondrous day folks and remember to put on your best whiskers and furry coat! Big Love Wonka X