Friday, 18 March 2016

Lucky Breaks

HOW ARE YOU FOLKS?  all landing up on Fridee at the end of this hard week.  Was it a good day for Owner you all wonder up.
After a fitful night with THAT dream in it............ every now and then Owner has a dream which runs along the same lines.  she is trying to put the light on. AND it won't go on.  This carries on until she wakes up and puts a light on.  I said to Owner (I do know my dreams folks) she is simply telling herself to wake up! step out of the darkness! Have a lightbulb moment! The good news is she went straight back to sleep and more wonky dreams......x

What's that? you all shout at me and is Owner's nod to Sport Relief which is on all night on good Beeb one.  The children at the bestest skool she is at right now all went on a sponsored walk around the Skool, yesterdee.  DID YOU GO WITH THEM I says up full of interest it being nigh on my tea time.  NO she tells me up, not with the cold from hell still nestling in her chest. Fair enufski I says, full of compassion as I needed seconds.  It turns out she is keen to donate via text and Eddie Izzard is our top fave as he has walked nearly 27 marathons in the same amount of days. EPIC! x
In other lucky breaking news, Owner reports up she is booked for next Mundee and Tuesday so we are saved from starving once more.  She has survived THAT cold(tick) a whole week's working (tick) and looking old and ugly and stupid for what seemed like an eternity (ticks.x)  Tomorrow she must visit aged parent who thought she had (at least) keeled over and gone into hospital. I TOLD YOU droned Owner to her on the phone with aged parent talking whilst she was.  I know. X
Tonight we are cuddled up to Corrie X 2 and our new fave is Gemini or something very like that and she is now working in the Kebab shop.  there is no Enders (tick) but there is Sport Relief. big tick.  Do enjoy your fave Fridee nights folks and I will see you Satdee.  Big Love Wonka X