Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Mad March!

Hurrah! It's Mad March and we can all go a bit silly......well the hares can.  How is Owner bearing up you all want to know and what of Bertie Bubb and Rug.  First up, Owner is enjoying another day of rest, in between poking round the luxury carpet with the Monster (I sped quickly upstairs to my giant nest, and the Bubster disappeared into his igloo.  There you are Bertie! says Owner when she saw him in the gloom.x) the facilities and making a to-do list. IF there is temps which is time in Frenchy France, she will let us watch the rest of (wait for it.  slow drum roll......) SLOW WEST.  That is the good film we started yesterdee and then Owner pops it on pause.

WHY can't we watch the rest Owner I moaned up.... IT IS TOO SLOW she tells me back.  End of and fact up. X

There we are!  it is the Mad March Hare and we love him.  or her.X

Ruggles you say?  Owner is thinking of and has measured up accordingly, making him a new nest.  At the moment he is nestling on pillows and heated pads and Golly's old blanket. yes. (for those of you wondering who in the heck is Golly, he was my old mate, Golly cat, who let me come in here and stop.  he went to the sanctuary in the sky headed up by St Francis about 4 years ago and he is a legend he is.  Golly is in the first three #Wonkastories all on X)  What? I questioned up to Owner, are you going to put him on.....Owner thinks a proper bed on a proper unit INSTEAD of a battered old linen box.  All of us have scratched it, it likes being scratched and we love it.  End of. X

Final bit of mad news for the day. There is a lot in the news about Americy and the race for the Whitehouse.  Unless Americy wakes up (says Owner) they may end up with the wrong winner. Me? I have taken nicely to an underdog called Bernie.  I like the name and I am basing it solely on that.x

Now tonight we must cling to Corrie and the storyline of the runaway Polish slave which Owner says (about everything take no notice folks) IS GETTING ON MY NERVE and Eva Weva who is coming to the rescue - luckily for me Enders is not on, and so STAYCEE and the babe cannot do the same.  There is DE RIEN on after that and I may seize the chance to put the rest of that mad film on.x

Now do have a mad day out there yourselves good folks and maybe a tiny scratch on an old linen basket if you spot one! Big Love Wonka X