Sunday, 6 March 2016

Mother's Day!

I woke Owner up specially early to celebrate!! no dabbing with claws this morning! No!! just lots of cold noses in her face and purring loudly.....what a way to wake up!! X

There we are!! WHAT IS GOING ON? you all shout at me fairly loudly....that is how the tea party went folks, when Owner set it all out at aged parent's good nursing home.  DID SHE LIKE IT Wonka? is your next question up.  SHE LOVED IT reported Owner when she tripped back home pleased with her success.  The cakey was from that shop that boasts of NOT JUST ANY OLD FEWD I mean FOOD and was coffee and walnut.  The only fly in the ointment (this is a silly expression and Owner hates flies.  I capture them straightaway when they come buzzing round.  End of.X) was that when Owner sped back home in the car with no name Red Van Man had parked smack opposite our good home and she had to park up miles away.  I have warned her that people can lip read but she didn't hear me above pulling the curtains so we couldn't see his silly old van anymore.  I love it. X
To celebrate this good day Owner might go for a swim. ARE YOU on the right mood setting I says up cautiously and behind two closed doors folks. Personally I would have banned Owner ages ago from that baths, specially after telling that youngster off for splashing.  I HATE BEING Splashed, she says up in her defence.  so far folks, the lifeguards and wotnot have kept quiet and only warned her once to swim clockwise in the lane swimming. DID YOU DO AS YOU WERE instructed I pestered up when she told me.  I GOT OUT Wonka, she reported back. big fact up for a Sundee.X
Last night we were entranced with the singing show and the Battles.  if Owner said once about my little Paloma's voice OR my little Paloma's shoes OR how slow is she speaking it must have been a million times. Willyam was spared almost except when he started to go on and on and on and on.  Little Rickee is emerging as a know it all and the boy George is Mum to all.  In Casualtee, a Nursey called Lofty (I know) wants to take the blame for just about every death and accident on the ward and NO ONE is stopping him.  Tonight we can cuddle up to Call the Midwifey and weep for Ingerland.x
Whether you are a real Mummy or not, and whether you have a real Mummy dangling about somewhere, we all of us (listen to me) get a chance to be a Mum.  You know how much Golly 'mothered' me and how I TRY to look after Bertie (he won't let me) and PLAY with Ruggles (he thinks I am a monster.x) but I DO look after my Owner. have a Mumsy day folks and enjoy some extra biscuits!
Big Love Wonka X