Friday, 11 March 2016

Name on the board.

I have been told off.
WHY WONKA? you all croak up with your best colds and chest infections.
I inadvertently (deep breaths.X) took a swipe at the Bubster who was, as per, sitting on his pilly, not harming anyone - and I caught him JUST by his left eye.  you would have thought folks a major incident had occurred.  WONKA!!!!

And, she tells me, after she had carefully wiped round the miniscule pinprick of a scratch, that IF I had been at the really nice Skool, my name would have gone straight onto the board as a first Warning up.  Needless to say folks I have been very very good since.  End of and big fact up. X
There he is!!! AND, Owner gave him an extra dreamie biscuit to make up for it.  I did say the good vets won't like that Owner but she didn't hear me above blowing Bertie a shedload of kisses.  NO I am not jealous.  Not a bit of it. (x).
In other more medical news, Owner secured a miracle today.
1.  She has got a full week's work. TICK
2.  She won a phone call from her best GP in the whole world alright this town then, and AFTER hearing her on the phone he said to come in AND it is official, it is a chesticle infection.
and on that wondrous coughing, snorting, sore throat note, I bid you all a happi eve and beg you with my best paws, to look in on me and Owner tmro.  Until then, I promise to be good!!!  Big Love Wonka X