Friday, 4 March 2016

Never Say Never!!

YOU SAID...................Owner said, no mumbled as she fell through the door that last time, she said THAT'S IT I AM NEVER that Skool.  and on Mundee, she said yes and then was saved BUT now folks...........she has gone and agreed to go this aft.  NOT on a Fridee aft Owner I says to her full of fear myself at the thought.

Strategies worth hanging on to with a vice like grip include:
SWEETS to reward any kind of behaviour not necessarily good. TICK...
DVDs to play as a reward for just staying in the classroom and not raising the roof. TICK
ACTUALLY COVER THE LESSON that the last nervous breakdown teacher has left for you covered up under a pile of papers that you find in the last 5 minutes of the lesson....  SEE ME.x

Between all this and the meetings about aged parent AND the cold from hell Owner has hovered between zero setting and 2 or 3. AND she has woken up to rain. THE CAR SEAT will be soaked she moaned to me first thing.  I did say why not pad it out with newspaper and a towel plus your nice blanket like last time Owner but she didn't hear me above taking the phone call for werk at the dread Skool. X

There we are!!! This is what Owner has been like ALL week and you see what I have to put up with night after night folks!! X

Yesterdee passed in a dream of Owner feeling HORRID Wonka and then feeling alright enough to paint the towel rack.  Why are you doing that Owner I pestered up from the comfort of my AmaZEN box.  She insists it is to brighten her up and goodness knows it has now spread to brightening up the bathroom floor. I hope, I droned to Owner, you have not painted yourself into a corner and I couldn't hear the reply through two closed doors!! X

Tonight we are back to normal setting if Owner survived the aft.  There is Corrie times two and every second person is a villain.  There is nasty conniving Feelan, there is tricky Tracee, where is that evil Jenee is she hiding in the magazine rack at the Kabin?and in Enders it is now Witnee and Ronnee to get on Owner's nerve. In other words dear folks out there all busy whipping through your own tv schedules, it is a good night on ours.x

Do go on to have a fine fridee with lots of nice biscuits and plenty of ZEN time!  Big Love Wonka X