Monday, 14 March 2016

Nothing Rhymed

What nothing Wonka? you all gasp up, thinking, surely something that is QUELQUE CHOSE went right?

According to Owner the only thing that did go slightly right was her hair TICK now so ugly she has grown to like it.  Her outfit TICK was comfortable, warm YET smart.....anything else to report? NO.  The Class she was with acted up all day long without a Drama lesson in sight, and then, when she looked through her list of emails there was one about a lost cheque.  NO ONE. not ANYONE reacts well to news that your beloved money in the form of a piece of paper DID NOT ARRIVE at its destination and instead is in the home of the lost cheques.  DID SHE DEAL With it Wonka?  As well as.  End of and lost cheque up. X
There we are! waving off Owner this good morn.  She reports feeling a weensy itsy tiny bit better.......UNTIL I have news of lost cheques Wonka!!!! Then her appetitie goes and is all back on square minus T (wx x zx......) X
In other even less rhyming day news, I annoyed Owner by looking at Bertie a couple of seconds longer than I should have. STOP IT! she shrieked at me.  I mean.  Last night we got through by watching that film all about an old couple alright about Owner's age, not selling and not buying a house.  YES, that was the storyline.  There was DE RIEN to watch and Owner may complain.  formally that is instead of to me.  tonight we are like clingfilm to what is on, and that is Corrie and then Enders and then Corrie.  There is nasty scheming Feelan and Jenee to keep us amused and if I can stop Owner going on a worrywart about cheques and that class I will do.  it may mean throwing myself on top of Bertie as a giant distraction!!! Only joking!!! now do go on to have a comfy old evening yourselves folks, and remember, it will all come out in the wash!! Big love Wonka X