Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Short and Sweet

Today folks, instead of me going on and on and on and on and........... Owner has suggested an Easter break.

HOW LONG SHOULD IT BE Owner I says up full of concern for all those good folks (you) that actually call in to see what my little life is like ALRIGHT and Berties and Rugglestop.

NOT LONG she goes back.  Now I know she has been busy trotting off to the cartridge shop with the old printer.  YES it has gone to the graveyard for all printers refusing outright to do their job.  YES she came back lugging a new printer that is NEARLY like the old printer except it isn't.  I heard her talking to it in raised tones earlier, saying things like WELL YOU'VE SCANNED IT BUT WHERE IS IT?? EH??? I did go up and introduce myself but it (it is called Brother.x) was too busy whipping through its menu to notice.  It will soon settle in I know...............X

Here we are!!! This is our Merry Easter picture for all of you folk whether you celebrate it or not, we wish you the kind of long weekend that fulfils all your old dreams and comes up with some new ones!!  And it is good Ruggles, who popped out this morning and sat atop the old steps. We love him.  Mostly. ALRIGHT all of the time.X
Owner has insisted on turning down an afternoon's werk (NOT at the best skool in town) to (quote) PUT MY HEALTH FIRST.... she says she has enjoyed her day of rest (looking after us three, dashing to the cartridge shop, then the shop that saves you a little money then back here to get the monster out and fool around with the new printer called Brother. I mean.X) OH and she has had an inkling as she calls it of where we may move to if we move.  This has sent a big shudder down my furry back as I love this house and cannot imagine nesting in a new one. NOTHING, said Owner, NIMIC and DE RIEN has happened as yet......x
Do have a lovely evening, Thursdee and Easter weekend folks. Go easy on the eggs, go big on relaxing and even bigger on having FUN and I look forward to being back with you Mundee or Tuesdee.  Big Love Wonka X
PS Bertie is definitely looking a bit thinner. and his new nickname is hot cross Bertie him being cross looking, and brown and ginger. End of and PS up. X