Tuesday, 1 March 2016

St David's Day!

What day is that you all wonder up in a daze now it is March.  First off and BIG FACT UP the month of march is named after Mars who was the Roman God of War!!  but what of SAINT David you all now shout at me and say up???

St David is the patron saint of good Wales - which as you all know is that bit that sticks out to the left of England and faces good old Ireland.  Owner has never been to Wales and it is on her TO GO TO list.  End of and big fact up.  nearly - PLUS we like Welsh people and specially like the Welsh political party called Plaid Cymru and headed up by that nice Leanne Wood. XXX

There we are!  Owner has insisted on this sketch as it has Daffs in it, and they are symbolic (she droned to me.  had to listen up as smack on my breakfast time.x) of Spring and March and wotnot. X

In other less symbolic news Owner survived another meeting about aged parent.  just.  And in the middle of all the complicated accounting where if you add this and take away that and allow for the other did the good agency ring Owner back to PLEAD for her to go to the very skool where she had her  bnyd!!)))7406t7bth breakdown.  DID SHE AGREE TO IT you all ask up nervously. YES...she reckoned it gave her something even more horrid to focus on rather than the dwindling state of aged parent's £s (and her lost inheritance.  Actually I did suggest to Owner there is a story there entitled Wonka Presents! The Lost Inheritance. she is so muddled she agreed to that too!!!x) ~but folks, there is always a happi ending for my Owner, who is the best Owner I could wish for - did the phone ring this morning at the crack of dawn  BBBBRRRNNGGG to ask Owner if she do a whole day and not just the afternoon, as agreed when she was lost and confused yesterdee....NO says Owner.  And a mite later the good agency rings back to say some other poor and poverty stricken person is taking on the whole day!!! Thus saving Owner from being made a laughing stock AGAIN. X

With the whole day up for grabs folks guess what? NO! that is not it, but we have a choice of two yes two DVDs, (a Western OR a weepie about the war.  I favour the cowboys which says on it 'tense twisty and brilliant.x) with chocolate and sweets to help it down. and there is that nice happy Valley to look forward to, full of murdering coppers and drunken sisters and nasty convicts with horrid girlfriends.  We love it.  End of.x

Do enjoy this first day of March folks, and cuddle up with a nice film if poss. Best Paw Forward!  big Love Wonka X