Thursday, 17 March 2016

St Patrick's Day!

I AM WEARING GREEN announced Owner, a good few seconds before she should have been scuttling off to work.....

Was she late Wonka? you all wonder up.  UN PEU or, a bit.  But she looked a picture.  What's more, tonight, after Graham the bestest hairdresser in the known universe, alright the town where we live, has fixed Owner up.  she no longer looks old, or ugly or stupid BUT really attractive! End of and big fat hair fact up. X

I am blaming it all on St Patrick he has brought us some good luck at last. X
There we are!!! At last Owner can feel good and nice again AND I've been on my best behaviour with the Bubster - not one fall out.  not one. X
In other less exciting news Owner has taken her very last tablet. this morn we nearly had to send for the tablet police as she lost a tablet.  DID I TAKE FOUR INSTEAD OF THREE Wonka? she droned to me first thing.  Personally I would not put it past Owner to do anything folks, specially when she is on 2 - 3 setting which as we know is edging up close to WHAT IS THE POINT OF THE WHOLE UNIVERSE Wonka.  Then, does she find the missing tablet nestling in the packet in the bin.  Does this mean she is recovered? NO.  And as long as Owner watches Enders and seems to enjoy it, then I know folks, she is STILL ILL!! x
Tonight that is all that is on, yes Enders, with murdered and buried people returning to life (It is Easter I says to Owner.....x) and Fil has been to an AA meeting.  yes.  What is really helping though is that tomorrow is Fridee..are you all glad too folks out there all getting through your weeks.  So huddle up and hold tight to whatever you are watching and I will go and check on the Bubster and Rugglestop.  Back soon folks.  big Love Wonka X