Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Vitamins are US!

Howdy up folks! it is speeding towards Good Fridee like nothing.  Owner is barking instead of coughing and cannot now recall a time when she did NOT have a cough. it would be nice if we could get through a whole night without a sudden volley of barking from Owner. Just saying. AND she is doubling up on the vitamins.  Aged parent would give this a large TICK.

Are you FOR or AGAINST taking shedloads of Vits you all ask up?  Me?  If it has a calming effect on Owner I will recommend it.  End of and Today's fact up. X

There we are!  a little reminder of two of my fave characters, that is Duffel and Sammy dog; they made their first appearance two Easters ago, and then again last Easter.  Owner has managed to write UN PEU of the new Duffel story....WHAT IS IT CALLED Wonka? you all shout up at me.  it is called: Wonka presents! Duffel and the Lost Inheritance.......and you never know, there could be a miracle and it might be FINIT in the next couple of weeks.X
There has been another slight hiccup in Owner's up and down life.  The good printer has packed in being good and is giving messages on its tiny little screen which don't make sense.  NO, it has not been thrown out BUT it is wedged into a carrier bag ready to be taken back to the shop. BACK TO THE SHOP is the graveyard for all faulty machinery refusing to work.  Owner has had a nice chat with the nice assistant at this shop AND had a look at a new and expensive printer she cannot possibly afford to replace the one refusing us all printing and scanning.

WHO? she goes to me, ARE ALL THESE Folks LEADING NICE AND SMOOTHISH LIVES?  Personally I think that is a boring life and I much prefer ours, it is exciting and on the edge.  NO, Owner didn't hear me say that above droning on about the printer and her barking cough.  Tonight we are stuck with Enders and Staycee and her endless problems PLUS Fil is being a drunken nuisance at Shirlees.  IF we can bear it there is Holbee city and more mixed up Doctors and Nurseys......tomorrow is all to play for and we'll see if Owner can have a day off.  Do have a good day yourselves folks and keep those whiskers bristling!  Big Love Wonka x