Thursday, 31 March 2016

We Tell Lots of Stories!

JUST HOW MANY NEW STORIES are there Wonka? you all quite rightly want to know.

There is the bestest new story ever, soon to be published by our fave publishers Austin Macauley called:

Wonka Presents! - an Egyptian Tale. this is our big fave and it is ME who tells it.x

WHAT ELSE Wonka? you all hassle me and want to know more.

Then, there is a new conversations with Wonka part seven!  Owner reports she is three quarters on with this one.  THEN, there is the new Duffel story (Duffel and the Lost Inheritance) which is set in Frency France. MAIS OUI. How many is that so far?

THREE.  Then there is Marilyn and Me which is Owner droning on about her idol Marilyn Monroe. There is a sequel to the New Year's Eve story (at last! you all shout up fed up with waiting.x) and finally................roll on the drums...........there is the newest one of all that is just begun.  WHAT IS IT Wonka, you all shriek up full of impatience.  it is, for now, a Spooky Tale!!! and that makes a grand total of:  SIX. end of and big writing fact up! X

There we are!! and that is Owner's silly old go at the Mona Lisa who stars in the new Duffel story...ONLY JOKING Owner! I love it and je t'aime etc.XX

Last night we fell in love even more with John n Gregg who were slurping and munching their way through hunter's stew and chicken licken and banana icecream thingies.  The judges were so kindly we loved them too.  our faves were Tom and Chris and Karen. We tried to stay up and watch Lincoln (that Americy President) but it got on Owner's nerve. WHICH BIT Wonka, you all want to know.  Possibly the scene that cropped up over and over an over and over again which was Lincoln propping up the mantelpiece by the roaring fire OR throwing logs on it OR stoking it.x

I have to end on a sad note.  OH NO! I hear you all cry up as one. YES, it is goodnight to a wonderfully funny little Scottish man called Ronnie Corbett.  He knew how to tell a joke unlike many other comedians and we loved him.  And if you don't know who he is Owner says to just google FOUR CANDLES and that should teach you. Do enjoy this so far very sunny BUT freezing in the wind spring day.  Rugglestop has been out and Owner suspects Yogi (the stray who dared to scratch Rug) has nipped in.  Bertie is deep in his trance in the Narnia and although Owner has stood the monster by the table she has not plugged it in.  I know.
Big Love Wonka X