Thursday, 10 March 2016

Where oh Where?

Owner has reported up, thus:
1.  she has survived three days werk DESPITE the state she is in (her cold has changed position to reside in her nose, her head and NOW in a horrid gurgling cough.  anytime soon her voice could go.  I know.X)
2.  Those really expensive painkillers, have killed DE RIEN.

and 3.  Mostly, the timetable gives a Room Number and when you get there, THERE IS NO SIGN OF THE CLASS. And, Owner reports stumbling into the Girls Loo mistaking it for the Staff Loo, and a Maths lesson mistaking it for French.
DID YOU Find THE French lesson, I says up fairly keen to know as it was smack on my tea time......
it was in the room next door she goes. NATURELLEMENT !!!!

There she goes!!!! Hats off to my bestest Owner for sticking to it ATCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! x
In other more exciting news, Ruggles has been out and come back with a friend.  NOT a stray, as Owner has noted, it (we think it is a girl folks.x) is very plump and furry PLUS it has a collar on it. NO, it has not come in as Owner says we are full up to the gunnels.  End of and furry fact up. X
Due to Owner being a full on cold wart ALL WEEK, there is only Enders to cling to and just about all in it are strangling each other or trying to.  Thing's mum has toppled down the cellar stairs and she just killed thingy.  There is chain reaction of murders going on if we could just keep up with it.  Now WE might be having an early night folks, but there is nothing NIMIC to stop you from enjoying a lot more rubbish telly!!!! Now I must dash, as I need to check on the Bubster, as you know it is my life's work!! I love it.
Big Love Wonka X