Monday, 28 March 2016

Winning Out!

We are back! with winning out news!!

The new story I have droning on about alright I may have mentioned it once or twice.....IS TO BE PUBLISHED !!!

It is The Egyptian Tale and anyone who has to spell out that word over and over knows how tricky it is.  End of and Egyptian fact up. X

Can we know any more Wonka? you all shout up full of interest and warm wishes......  Owner says we must err on the side of caution.  Meaning? I said in that new and annoying way.

AUSTIN MACAULEY (our bestest publishers in the known world alright London and possibly New York folks yes that is Americy.x) may want to promote it.  BUT I says, there is nothing DE RIEN to say we cannot tell a tiny weensy bit on here.  ALRIGHT she goes back full of pride and wotnot.

Here is the star of the story WHICH I am the teller of.  Owner did a few pictures here and there..............X
There he is!!  The hero of our tale and sitting next to him is.......
DON'T GIVE  IT ALL AWAY WONKA! Owner shrieks up. I mean, I have barely mentioned anything...... now in other much less exciting news Owner has had a day out visiting daughter and grandson PLUS is still on about moving to a new place.  NO we don't know where it is yet but she is convinced it will come right. the mere thought of being bundled off to perch on a new and strange windysill sends a right shiver through my fur.  Bertie would know no different, just moving from one Narnia to another but wot of Rugglesis?  If only folks, I had Owner's faith.  Is it faith? Just to make sure I am popping a small piece of silver into the wishing well..............for all my furry dreams!X
I only hope your Easters or long weekend or wotnot are coming right like ours has.  YES we watched the Queenie at 90 and we love her she is fab and always looks the biz.  Tonight we can clutch hold of corrie times two and Tracee is surely going to trounce (love that word I do.x) Carling brown eyebrows.  Will Gail force one find ice cream Mike or is it all a 99 without the chocolate? Enders is full of resurrected villains OR drunken villains not to forget Staycee and Owner wishes we could.  Now do enjoy your little selves folks and go easy on the choc.  ONLY JOKING!  big Love Wonka X